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October 23, 2018

GD6307A Blue Ray Tester

GD6307A Blue Ray Tester It is designed to help demonstrate how our new lens can block the 400nm~420mm range of High Energy Visible(HEV) light in addition  to UV light.

New Products
August 4, 2018

Auto Refraction Package

We have released a new Auto Refraction Set. The configuration of the set is: Ophthalmic Unit -GD7511: the phoropter arm can be up-down, rotated adjusted; An additional table for lensmeter placement; Auto Refractometer GR8906/GRK8906: Auto tracing and auto measuring function offered; Auto Phoropter GD8804: Automatically data receiving and displaying, with a touch screen; Auto Projector […]

New Products
June 6, 2016

Trial Lens Case Selection Guide

To decide buying a trial lens case, there are some questions should be made clear. What kind of lens to be choose, Metal or Plastic? Some optometrist like metal rim it looks traditional, while some optometrist and doctors like plastic because its light weight and portable. Metal Rim               […]

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February 21, 2016

How to select a hand lens driller?

Hand lens driller is so simple machine for rimless glasses, but since different customers gave us different requests, so we now have about 6 configuration of only 1 shape, let’s figure it out what are the differences.   What are the difference?  Plastic pipe or Aluminum pipe; Drilling speed adjustable or not; With lens notch […]

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November 14, 2015

Website Update Notice

We were using the old website version for more than 5 years when it released, there are more than 3 customers remind me many times that we should have a better organized website, then they can just check our updates from our site, I didn’t attach any importance. But  the E-commerce is so popular this […]