August 4, 2018

Auto Refraction Package

We have released a new Auto Refraction Set.

The configuration of the set is:

  1. Ophthalmic Unit -GD7511: the phoropter arm can be up-down, rotated adjusted; An additional table for lensmeter placement;
  2. Auto Refractometer GR8906/GRK8906: Auto tracing and auto measuring function offered;
  3. Auto Phoropter GD8804: Automatically data receiving and displaying, with a touch screen;
  4. Auto Projector GD8506 series;
  5. Auto Lensmeter GD6039

After auto refractometer testing, the data can be transfered to auto phoropter automatically, even the data in auto lensmeter can be also transfered to auto phoropter by displaying at same screen.验光组合

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  1. Cost of this

  2. I m from gorakhpur up, I want to by auto Refrectometer

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