February 21, 2016

How to select a hand lens driller?

Hand lens driller is so simple machine for rimless glasses, but since different customers gave us different requests, so we now have about 6 configuration of only 1 shape, let’s figure it out what are the differences.


What are the difference? lens-drillers-parts

  • Plastic pipe or Aluminum pipe;
  • Drilling speed adjustable or not;
  • With lens notch cutter or not;

If you are going to buy a simple lens driller you are going to choose from GD3500 & GD3500A, the differences is GD3500 with plastic pipe but GD3500A with Aluminum pipe, how to identify? You can easily see from the pipe, if there is a round mark, it must be plastic as plastic is injected by machine.

So GD3500 is the lowest priced one, GD3500A is a little higher quality.

Then if you want to adjust speed, you could choose GD3501, this model also comes in aluminum pipe.

Then if you want the driller comes with notch cutter, then you should choose from GD3504, GD3504A, the similar as GD3500 & GD3500A, “A” means aluminum pipe.

Now talk about GD3505 this is the best driller in this shape, adjustable speed, aluminum pipe and with notch cutters.

By the way, we provide customer have 2 options for the handrails and lights, since this 2 options are in the same molded port so you can have only 1 from this 2 options, but I always suggest customers to choose with handrails as you will not work without light resource of your lens lab, but the handrail give you stable support for hand working, no shakes to make mistakes.


Let’s make the functions more clear as below:

Pipe Speed Notch Cutter Handrail/Light
GD3500 Plastic Fixed NO Optional
GD3500A Aluminum Fixed NO Optional
GD3501 Aluminum Adjustable NO Optional
GD3504 Plastic Fixed YES Optional
GD3504A Aluminum Fixed YES Optional
GD3505 Aluminum Adjustable YES Optional

Remark: Check out the pictures to find what is Pipe, what is speed adjust knob, what is notch cutter and what is handrail/light port.

Of curse except this shape you can choose 3G drilling machine or hand word controlling drilling machine, just check out from here LENS DRILLER!


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