November 14, 2015

Website Update Notice

We were using the old website version for more than 5 years when it released, there are more than 3 customers remind me many times that we should have a better organized website, then they can just check our updates from our site, I didn’t attach any importance.

But  the E-commerce is so popular this year, even for eyewear industry, like the successful case in USA-Warby Parker, I think maybe the new well built website is a better way for us to show our products to customers, even with some our comments we can give suggestion to customers, then we don’t need to every time with some boring attachment for each email.

So, let’s try to update the website, and make it a new platform for new way communicate with customers.

Maybe we are the first one in China ophthalmology instrument vendors who do this.


Thanks & Best Regards,


VP Sales

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Goda Optical is a manufacturer and exporter for optometry instruments and optical lab equipment!

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