Auto Chart Projector GD8505L: LED or Halogen light; Optotype format: 0.00

General Details
Auto Chart Projector GD8505L offers LED/Halogen light for option.
1. Projection distance:2-7m;
2. Projection magnification: 30×(in 5m);
3. Projection Size: 335X222MM(in 5m);
4. Numbers of charts: 50;
5. Numbers of masks: 38;
6. Chart change-over: 0.3s;
7. Automatic saving energy mode: 5 minutes;
8. Lamp: LED/Halogen for option;
9. Accessory: Remote Control, Polarized glasses, screen,
Calibration card, spare lamp, spare fuse;
10. Device Size: 25X34X23CM in 4.5KG.