GR8904: Auto Refractometer GRK8904: Auto Refractometer & Keratometer

General Details
Auto ref/keratometer GRK8904 offers different options for the machine:

GR8902: Auto Refractometer but manual confirm(measuring)

GR8904: Auto Refractometer(auto confirm)

GRK8904: Auto Refractometer & Keratometer(auto confirm)

GR8904A/GRK8904A: Touch Screen



1. Sph: -20D to +20D(VD=12mm,0.12D/0.25D steps);
2. Cyl: -8D to +8D(0.12D/0.25D steps);
Axis: 0° to 180°(1° steps); Cyl form: +/-, +, –
3. Pupil Distance: 45mm to 88mm(1mm steps);
4. Vertex Distance: 0/12/13.75/15mm;
5. Minimum Pupil Size: 2.0mm;
6. Auto scanning & capturing range: vertically ±16mm;
7. Radius of corneal curvature: 5-10mm(0.01mm steps);
8. Corneal Refraction: 33-67D(0.12D/0.25D steps);
9. Corneal Astigmatism: 0-15D(0.12D/0.25D steps);
10. Angle of corneal: 0° to 180°(1° steps);
11. Corneal diameter: 2.0-12.0mm;
12. Chart: Auto fog;
13. Screen: 5.7’’ colorful TFT LCD;
14. Data recording: 10 items;
15. Printer: Thermal printer;
16. Size: 48X27X45CM in 17KG.

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