GR8901: Auto Refractometer
GRK8901: Auto Refractometer & Keratometer

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General Details
Don’t need to have further explanation of this model, very traditional design, same appearance and mold as Auto refractometer keratometer RM9000 & KR9000, we just use their mainboard with some our basic circuit.
  • ARM processor & imaging system;
  • Japanese optical system;
  • Ergonomically comfort design, friendly interaction between machine and operator


1.Sph: -20D to +20D(VD=12mm,0.12D/0.25D steps);
2.Cyl: -10D to +10D(0.12D/0.25D steps);
3.Axis: 0° to 180°(1° steps);
4.Cyl form: +/-, +, –
5.Pupil Distance: 45mm to 85mm(1mm steps);
6.Vertex Distance: 0/12/13.75/15mm;
7.Minimum Pupil Size: 2.0mm;
8.Chart: Auto fog;
9.Screen: 5.7’’ colorful TFT LCD;
10.Printer: Thermal printer;
11.Size: 29X50X48CM in 14KG;