Lens Groover GD3600ATG

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General Details
Lens Groover GD3600ATG offers 1 processing for small height lens grooving, the lens clamp offers big lens curvature up to 8B(availabe for prescription sunglasses grooving)
  • Sunglasses base curve lens grooving available;
  • Processing for small height lens: 1 process;
1. Lens type: CR39;
2. Lens thickness: 1.5-11MM;
3. Lens Diameter: 28-70MM;
4. Groove depth: 0-0.7MM;
5. Groove width: 0.6mm;
6. Panel type: B;
7. Lens curvature: up to 8B;
8. Size: 17X21X15CM in 2.5KG