GD8803: Keyboard control; GD8803A: Wireless control

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General Details
Digital Vision Tester GD8803 & GD8803A offers aotumatical lens dial for vision test.

GD8803: Keyboard control;

GD8803A: Wireless control.

  • Latest generation digital phoropter;
  • GD8803A can be controlled wireless, by ipad or touch app,can do long-distance online diagnose & optometry;
  • Can be connected with auto Ref & Projector;
  • Can perfectly connect with LCD chart GD8601A/GD3603A.
1. Sph Range: +16.75D to -19.00D(0.25D steps);
2. Cyl Range: 0.00 to -6.00D(0.25D steps);
3. Cyl Axis: 0 to 180 (1° or 5° steps);
4. Cross Cylinder: ±0.25D/±0.50D;
5. Rotary Prisms: 0△ to 20△, (in 0.5△ steps);
6. PD Range: 48-80mm, 1mm steps.