17'' HD reflection function available LCD vision chart

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General Details
LCD Vision Chart GD8600 comes with HD 17” screen, except universal opto types, it also offers ETDRS, Traffic light, Ishihara test etc.
  • 17” HD screen;
  • Reflection function(mirror wall);
  • Multiple selection of opto types
1. Projection distance: 2-7m;
2. Optotypes: Tumbling E, Landolt C, Alphabet,
Numbers, Kids, Allen, Binocular functions etc;
3. Charts: Normal, V, ETDRS, CNT;
4. Description: Senellen(6/M,20/FT), Decimal, logMAR, 5-logMAR;
5. Brightness: 250CD/m2;
6. Max resolution: 1920X1080pix.