GD8700A: High quality, with A grade lens and parts; GD8700: Economic design, with AB grade lens and parts; Grey & Black outside color for option

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General Details
This manual phoropter was developed more than 12 years in China, innovated from Topcon function and configuration, this traditional design and function offers opticians a good experience for eye checking.
Since during the production, we have some defective parts(such as electric plating for metal parts) which don’t effects the function, as well as some AB grade lens(power tolerance up to 4-5D), so we also offer economic design for option, the price is lower than best ones.

GD8700A: With A grade lens and parts;

GD8700: With AB grade lens and parts;

Foroptere GD8700 & GD8700A

  • High precision optical lens;
  • Fine performance;
  • Black & White color optional

Manual Phoropter GD8700A

  1. Sph Range: +16.75Dto -19.00D(0.25D steps)
  2. Cyl Range: 0.00 to -6.00D(0.25D steps)
  3. Cyl Axis: 0 to 180 (5° steps)
  4. Cross Cylinder: ±0.25D
  5. Rotary Prisms: 0△ to 20△, (in 1△ steps)
  6. PD Range: 48-80mm, 1mm steps
  7. Auxiliary lens dial: Same as GS7031
  8. Size: 34X10X30CM in 5KG