Manual Refractor Phoropter GD8701 Black color & White color

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General Details
Manual Phoropter GD8701 is redesigned and upgraded on the basis of GD8700, there still have white and black colors for option.

Manual Refractor

1. Sphere Range: +16.75 to -19.00 D (0.25 D steps)
2. Cylinder Range: 0.00 to -6.00 D (0.25D steps) (0.00 to -8.00 D with additional -2.00D)
3. Cylinder axis: 0 to 180 (in 5° steps)
4. Cross Cylinder: ±0.25 D
5. Rotary Prisms: 0 to 20, (in 1 steps)
6. Auxiliary lens dial:
(O) Open aperture (two positions)
(R) Retinoscopic lens, +1.50D
(P) Polarizing lens: 45° left eye, 135° right eye
(WMV) or (RMV)-Maddox rod, Vertical White-left eye/Red-right eye
(WMH) or (RMH)-Maddox rod, Horizontal White-left eye/Red-right eye
(RL)-Red lens
(GL)-Green lens
(+0.12)-+0.12D sphere
(PH)-Pin hole
(10 L) or (6 U) -10 base-in-left eye, 6 base-up-right eye (dissociating prisms)
(±0. 50)- fixed cross cylinder
(OC) Occluder
7. P.D. range: 50-75mm, 1mm steps
8. Standard Accessory lenses: Two 0.12D and -2.00 cylinder lenses, two Plano lenses for sealing front opening.
9. Standard Accessories: 1 near point card with holder and reading rod, dust cover, face shield, accessory case for lenses.
10. Net Weight: 5 kg