This is the best seller Goda Ophthalmic Unit

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General Details
This ophthalmic chair stand unit GD7700A is one of the best sellers in our portfolio, it offers comfortable arm rest, head rest and rotated function for chair, 2 exam instruments like auto rafractometer, slit lamp can be loaded at the same time.

Hand hold device like ophthalmosocope can be charged and hold from the main base also, the improved circuit board structure inside provides better way to make maintenance, easy to take out and put in.

Black and Ivoy color chair can be selected(original combination will be black), you can also select other colors.

  • Electric chair;
  • Table panel can be slided right to left;
  • Chair can be adjusted right to left, rotate and incline;
  • 2 instruments can be loaded on table;
  • Ophthalmoscope holder offered.

Ophthalmic Chair Stand Unit

  1. Table size: 84X41CM;
  2. Table rotating: 0°-90°;
  3. Tabletop sliding(from left to right): 33CM;
  4. Chair elevation: 50-70CM;
  5. Chair rotating: 60° rightwards rotation;
  6. Chair Forward/backward movement: 60°;
  7. Net Size: 140X100X199CM in 175KG