GD7502 comes in electric chair, 1 instrument loaded table and lamp for an eye exam room.

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General Details
Ophthalmic Unit chair GD7502 offers 1 instrument loaded table, electric chair can be uplift, rotate and incline, the table panel can be rotated.
Mechanical Parameters
1. Angle of rotation for rocker: ±30°
2. Angle of rotation for table: 90°
Table size: 67cm×40cm
3. Lifting height for chair: 15cm~20cm
Loading for chair: 70kg~150kg

Electrical Parameters
1. Input voltage: 110V/220V AC 50Hz~60Hz
2. Motor power: 55W 24V DC
3. Lamp: 16W 110V/220V AC
4. Fuse: 5A 250V AC
5. Power without load: 1W
6. Pressure test: 2KV
7. Working mode: S1
8. Main wire: 10A 250V
9. Working temperature: -30℃~+50℃
10. Relative humidity: less than 90%
11. Force of pressing key: 1N~5N
Installation Dimensions
1. Size: 106cm×87cm×203cm
2. Weight: 95kg