Phoropter stand GD1031 & GD1032 lamp is different Auto projector stand

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General Details
Optometry phoropter stand auto projector stand GD1031 comes with phoropter and auto projector supporter as well as lamp for optometry room.
Mechanical Parameters
Up/Down angle of arm: ±30º
Electrical Parameters
Input voltage: 110V/220V AC50Hz~60Hz
Lamp power: 36W
Working temperature: -30°C~+50°C
Relative humidity: less than 90%
Installation Dimension
Figure size: 600mmx745mmx2063mm
Weight: 55kgs
Packing Dimension
Wooden case size: 660 mm x495 mm x190 mm
Carton size: 1050 mm x700 mm x120 mm
Gross weight: 60kgs