GLJ8266: Shiny silver metal rim glasses lens, aluminum case outside GLJ8266: A grade lens; GLJ8266B: AB grade lens

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General Details
This trial lens set comes with 266pcs trial lens, all power in 2pcs(1pair), there are also a lot of accessories lens, the shiny silver metal rim lens are A grade qualiy, the trial lenses are in a aluminum case.

If you an optician need carry on light weight trial lens case, you can even choose our 58pcs portable type.

GLJ8266: A grade lens(means tolerance of lens power under 0.05D)

GLJ8266B: AB grade lens(means tolerance of lens power up to 0.12D)

  • High quality glasses lens;
  • A wide range of accessories lens option;

Trial Lens Set GLJ8266

Please see the detailed trial lens configuration though photo.