Automatic Lens Edger JINGGONG SJG-5189 – CR,PC,Glass Lens cutting

CR39 Lens, Glass Lens & PC lens V Groove for full frame Flat Groove for half and rimless

Auto Lens Edger SJG-5218 GD3204

Auto Lens Edger offers lens cutting for CR39, Mineral(Glass) & PC lens, traditional and stable quality

Auto Lens Edger JINGGONG SJG6189

CR39, PC & Glass Lens can be cutted New water feeding system; More smarter to check lens curvature

Auto Lens Edger JINGGONG SJG6500

New Water Feeding System New Mechanism for Lens Clamping V edge can be also polished

Auto Lens Edger SJG-5105 by JINGGONG edger

CR39 & Glasses lens edger system

Auto Lens Edger with Auto Scanner GD3209

Auto Lens Edger Optical Frames Scanner