Auto Lensmeter GD6028

Touch screen; PD+print+UV function.

New Auto Lensmeter For Progressive Lens & Sun Lens Testing Focimeter GD6049

1.UV and Blue light measure (Transmittance and Barrier rate) 2.PD electronic ruler 3.Printer (Options) 4.PD (Options) 5.Bluetooth (Options) (Data transfer between auto lens meter and computer/mobile through bluetooth.)

Digital Auto Lensmeter GD6023 & GD6023A

GD6023: With printer GD6023A: Without printer

Digital Auto Lensmeter GD6045 & GD6045A

GD6045: 5.7'' Touch Screen;
GD6045A: 7'' Touch Screen;

Auto Lensmeter GD6039 & GD6039A

GD6039: Keyboard screen;
GD6039A: Touch screen

Digital Lensmeter GD6038 & GD6038A

GD6038: Without UV tester & Printer GD6038A: With UV tester & Printer