Vision Tester GD8802 with LCD Visual Chart GD8601

GD8802: Digital Vision Tester; GD8601: LCD Visual Chart.

Manual Phoropter GD8700A

GD8700A: High quality, with A grade lens and parts; GD8700: Economic design, with AB grade lens and parts; Grey & Black outside color for option

Manual Phoropter GD8701

Manual Refractor Phoropter GD8701 Black color & White color

Digital phoropter GD8800 with LCD Visual Chart GD8601

Digital phoropter GD8800 offers keyboard control refraction test

Manual Refractor Phoropter GD8703

GD8703 Manual refractor phoropter

Manual Refractor Phoropter GD8704

Phoropter GD8704 is a wrapped model, offers a traditional Topcon similar design

Manual refractor phoropter GD8702A

GD8702A: A grade lens and components; GD8702: AB grade lens and components;
Grey & Black outside color for option

Digital Vision Tester GD8803 & GD8803A

GD8803: Keyboard control; GD8803A: Wireless control