Manual Phoropter GD8700A

GD8700A: High quality, with A grade lens and parts; GD8700: Economic design, with AB grade lens and parts; Grey & Black outside color for option

Digital phoropter GD8800 with LCD Visual Chart GD8601

Digital phoropter GD8800 offers keyboard control refraction test

Manual refractor phoropter GD8702A

GD8702A: A grade lens and components; GD8702: AB grade lens and components;
Grey & Black outside color for option

Manual Refractor Phoropter GD8704

Phoropter GD8704 is a wrapped model, offers a traditional Topcon similar design

Digital Vision Tester GD8803 & GD8803A

GD8803: Keyboard control; GD8803A: Wireless control

Vision Tester GD8802 with LCD Visual Chart GD8601

GD8802: Digital Vision Tester; GD8601: LCD Visual Chart.

Manual Phoropter GD8701

Manual Refractor Phoropter GD8701 Black color & White color

Manual Refractor Phoropter GD8703

GD8703 Manual refractor phoropter